Staff training & site specific certificate

On December 10, 2012

Depot-NottinghamI popped along to the Depot in Nottingham today for a site specific training session for all of the staff.

The session included ;

Paperwork section

  • Checking Risk assessments
  • Operating procedures
  • Child protection policies
  • Instructor guidelines

Practical section:

  • Intros and icebreakers with a group
  • Centre briefing and tours
  • Appropriate warm ups different abilities and ages
  • Games with groups
  • Coaching processes
  • Training aids in climbing and how to use them

Every site specific session I do is tailored to the walls individual needs and looks at improving the instructors experience.

At the depot they are now capable of instructing introductory sessions to a high standard and giving advice to all for there every needs.

If you have a centre you would like me to do some training at the please contact me for some prices and details.


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