Booking & Payment

All prices are inclusive of overheads such as:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Equipment wear and tear
  • Full safety equipment: Ropes, harness, anchors, helmets etc

At Up To Summit we work on maximum ratios of 1:8, this ensures that we can give the best quality of instruction and keep our excellent safety record no matter what course your on.

Some courses such as learning to lead will change ratios to 1:2 so prices will vary from course to course.

As a guide but please get in touch for a no obligation chat and we can come to an agreeable price.

Prices range from £50 to £180 per day depending on how many people are booking onto the course, when the course is and the technical aspect of the course.

Please keep your eye out for special offers.

To book either give Dan a call on 07887840592 or get in contact via our booking form below or email



Please fill in the form below for all contacts, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

Kind regards

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