Abseiling back down the face, only 9 abseils left to go

Mountaineering is a way of getting or attempting to get to the top of a mountain via a means that may be exciting, dangerous, challlenging but all in all extremely fun with the odd epic thrown in.

It may involve hands in pockets and having a slow but very social wander along an easy path, to ropes out on steep scrambling ground moving together to cover steep ground smoothly and confidently.

No matter what in any adventurous sport there will always be an element of risk, however, by gaining experience from others and taking courses we can minimise and control those risks, and keep on mountaineering as long as our legs will hold out.

You could come along on a course involving just one aspect if you already feel confident in specific areas, if you need a little coaching or advice on one element to gain more confidence or whether you fancy spending the week in a mountain environment learning all sections of mountaineering, gain as much experience as possible in the shortest amount of time, we can definitely attempt to pass on as much knowledge to make your time in the mountains a much more enjoyable and safer experience.

Hopefully here are some courses where we aim to improve your skills for mountaineering and we feel are the necessary tools for performing in the hills;

Multipitch rock climbing


Learning to lead climb

Scrambling and abseiling in the hills





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