Free stuff

Free stuff you say?

Hopefully throughout this section of the website you will find useful bits of information, I have included some video tutorials to setting up anchors and escaping the system for those who are interested.

Some downloads are available but these may not make sense to all, lots of information will be very useful to instructors and those wanting to pass information on, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, I will try to explain its use and how it helps on the hill/crag.

Video tutorials

So the video tutorials include setting up;

  • Anchors in reach
  • Anchors out of reach
  • Escaping the system anchors in reach
  • Escaping the system anchors out of reach
  • Tying a french and Klemheist Prusik
  • Locking of a belay plate

Click here to check out the videos

Kit lists

Kit lists from your first rack to big walls, hopefully I will try to cover most aspects for the beginner to intermediate racks;

Downloads and crib cards

Some downloads that will hopefully make some sense, these are especially helpful if you have been on a training course and looking towards advancing onto an assessment or future qualification, little crib cards for teaching techniques that I personally found very useful.

Timing card

Navigation crib card download

MIA rescue crib card downloads (Written by the legendary Lou Neill)

So for the MIA crib cards its very worth while knowing what you are doing before going out to play, these are for people working towards there MIA assessment or for people that have a very good understanding of what is meant, maybe practise these techniches indoors with a safety rope first.

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