Sport climbing rack

Sport-rackI’m sure your looking at this picture and thinking why on earth so much kit? Just have a look at my reasoning and this kit does change for venue.

So The kit I have in my sport rack consists of;



Personally I am a great believer in wearing a helmet, I believe it sets a good example to the up and coming climbing heroes and to beginners alike. However both when I am bouldering and sport climbing I only wear one when I see the need for it.If I am on a well-known, single pitch UK crag I may choose not to wear a helmet, the rest of the time I always wear one if abroad, and especially if I am on multipitch climbs. This is a must!

10 x heavy-duty quick draws –

The quickdraws you choose to take should be hard wearing, I use the biggest and thickest ones I can find, after all they are going to spend lots of time being clipped in and out of metal hangers, lots of airtime is likely and I prefer to look down on the biggest equipment possible.

Harness –

Peoples opinions vary but I use the same harness for trad as I do for my sport, I particularly try to avoid the single pitch meat wagon type climbing so prefer longer routes out of the way, and so because of this I need more gear loops, will tend to spend longer periods of time in my harness and carry more equipment.

2 x D shape & 1 x HMS screw gate karabiner  –

These are or setting up my belays on multipitch climbs, looking after myself at the top of climbs and for abseils.

4 x 120cm slings with karabiner & 1 x 240 sling with karabiner –

If I do decide to head a little more out of the way and do those exciting multipitch climbs, I will need equipment for the belays, abseils down and taking care of myself and partner.

1 x Gri gri with karabiner –

Often when with a single rope and your friend is working that long pitch but struggling, a Gri gri can be very useful and can save the hands a little stress.

1 x Belay device with karabiner –

When I’m off on the multipitch climb, it’s very possible that I will be taking two ropes for an abseil retreat, for this I will take my belay, I always take my belay device if it is anything other tha a single pitch climb.

2 x Prusiks with karabiner –

When abseiling these will come in very useful, also if with a partner that is struggling at the top of that 8 pitch route when its getting dark, rather than abseiling 8 pitches why not give them a helping hand with a stirrup hoist?


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