Lead climbing

Progressing onto your first lead climb can be an intimidating step, both top roping and seconding can be a lot of fun but,

Katya sea cliff climbing in Pembroke

leading that first climb will be one of the best feelings you ever have in climbing.


With a little guidance you will be able to progress very quickly, the course has a low 1:2 ratio in order to maintain our high level of quality instruction, ideally you should have past rock climbing experience and a good idea of what lead climbing is all about.


Throughout the course there will be an instructor by your side on a rope to assess your gear placements, give advice on runners.


Courses can vary massively depending on your previous experience and what exactly you would like to learn, our aim is to provide you with the tools to climb independently anywhere within the UK.

This is a relatively big jump in climbing skill but I’m sure you will be up for the challenge.


This course is a two day workshop, and we will aim to cover;

  • Personal equipment and organising it on your harness
  • Gear Placement
  • Belaying a lead climber and a second
  • The process of leading
  • Judgement, route choice and route finding

Our instructors have a very high level of experience, will guide you through every aspect and answer any question you have.

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