Video tutorials

So I’ve done a few different videos to hopefully help you out, all of the videos are in an indoor wall so slightly out of context but I can’t really explain the gear placements on video and this is why I have chosen to do these indoors.

Most people have access to an indoor wall and I can almost guarantee that all walls would not have a problem with you practicing these techniques at low-level indoors.

Please check out my video tutorials for a mini lesson.

For setting up at the top of a crag there are endless ways and techniques, the techniques shown on this site allow escaping the system easy and are followed by the mountain leader training board and the national mountain centre Plas Y Brenin.

So how to tie off and release a belay device;

How to tie a French and Klemheist prussik

Setting up anchors in reach at the top of a crag.

Setting up anchors out of reach at the top of a crag.

Escaping the system anchors in reach.

Escaping the system anchors out of reach.



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