Battle of Brittain climbing competition

On October 27, 2013
TheDepot Nottingham’s Battle of Brittain took place on Saturday the 19th Oct, here’s a few pictures for your viewing….. Feel free to tag yourselves and others on the Facebook page.As always use the photos as you wish but credit uptosummit images please, I hope you had a good day, I’m still a fully psyched from it all!

Alpkit Big Shakeout festival 2013

On October 2, 2013

So where to begin, some images will follow of the weekends fun and excitement….. The guys and girls that work at Alpkit are all good friends and I can’t even begin to explain how much hard work goes into the weekend, I just hope that everyone had an awesome time, got to meet some really cool and like-minded people but most of all got a little tipsy thanks to the Blue Monkey brewery!

I personally had an amazing weekend and got to talk to some really cool people, I think I said hi to most but can never be sure, I will endeavour to try harder next year and if you see any of the Uptosummit or Alpkit team/t-shirts then be sure to say hello, they are mostly friendly, don’t bite too hard and probably just need a little chat with awesome people!

The photos are yours to take, do you mind liking my Facebook page in return? The photos will be added here also…..

Please tag yourself on the images and share them with friends, if not they’ll never get to see how much fun you had. You can use a couple of tags #alpkit or #bigshakeout, this allows others to relive the event or friends to see what they’ve missed!

You should be able to download all images by right clicking and save image as.


Ok so a few of the boring but necessary things:

If anyone has any issues with the images then please feel free to email me direct (dan@uptosummit,com).

The images will have no copyright on, you are free to use the images for any publishing, personal or commercial use as long as you, your company or family are included in the images, if this is not the case then prior permission should be granted from myself Dan Bradley.

Alpkit team, friends and family extreme weekend

On September 1, 2013

So every year the Alpkit team, friends of and families get together for a weekend of adventure, relaxing and excitement. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture any of the adventure or exciting bits but here’s a few images for the guys of the relaxing.

The tipi was erected on arrival and the people were arriving quickly, we had around 60 people attend this year so the BBQ’s go to see some well deserved action and this definitely kept the local butcher happy!

Alpkit put on something like this which is open to the general public called the Big Shakeout;

This year it is running at the end of September and you will have to book tickets, the idea is you come along for the full weekend and in the daytimes either book onto one of the many courses available or do your own thing and come to the evenings fantastic entertainment.

Enjoy and thankyou Alpkit!


Kath’s charity abseil for ovarian cancer

On August 5, 2013

So on Saturday I took out a truly inspirational lady called Kath, she was raisng money for ovarian cancer research.

She and her son Paul managed to raise over £700 for the charity which is fantastic! The thing that really impressed me the most was the fact it turns out she is 71 years old….. Now I honestly though she was in her 50’s, so she not only looks superb but is also still going very strong and has recently done a skydive and wingwalk all for charity.

Kath these pictures are for you. Good luck in your journey and well done.

Dan x

The Climbing Station Festival

On June 11, 2013

So The Climbing Station in Loughborough had a fun competition this weekend, I popped along to take a few snapshots and generally soak up the atmosphere.

To say how good the weather was there was an excellent turnout for the day, the comp was fantastic, the routes looked great and I had probably a few too many burgers.

Enjoy the photos.



New video tutorials

On March 15, 2013

So I’ve had a few people contact regarding tutorials for escaping the system, I’ve popped a few different videos on and hopefully a couple leading up to the escaping the system as these can get a little intense quite quickly. I am assuming that you can tie a figure of eight and a clove hitch.

Check out the link to take you there!


Video tutorials

Inter university bouldering competition

On February 20, 2013

The Depot Nottingham Christmas competition

On December 15, 2012

On Friday the 14th December the Depot climbing centre in Nottingham held its first official Christmas climbing competition, we popped along to snap a few photos and carry on making you all famous.

Please feel free to share the folder and photos with friends…. There yours! Merry Christmas


Staff training & site specific certificate

On December 10, 2012

Depot-NottinghamI popped along to the Depot in Nottingham today for a site specific training session for all of the staff.

The session included ;

Paperwork section

  • Checking Risk assessments
  • Operating procedures
  • Child protection policies
  • Instructor guidelines

Practical section:

  • Intros and icebreakers with a group
  • Centre briefing and tours
  • Appropriate warm ups different abilities and ages
  • Games with groups
  • Coaching processes
  • Training aids in climbing and how to use them

Every site specific session I do is tailored to the walls individual needs and looks at improving the instructors experience.

At the depot they are now capable of instructing introductory sessions to a high standard and giving advice to all for there every needs.

If you have a centre you would like me to do some training at the please contact me for some prices and details.


Climbing injuries website

On November 24, 2012


As we all to often know recovery from a climbing injury can be long, hard and very frustrating! The last two years I have been doing research, working alongside doctors, physio therapists and nutritionists to hopefully bring a little bit of useful information that can be of use to all in the climbing community.

This information will hopefully be a free source of information and be kept up to date, this is obviously a new website and may contain slight errors, if you spot any please fell free to email in.

However some issues may be up for debate and may be of different opinion, every effort has be made to make the best judgement of information available and all information on the site is backed up by published papers, all referenced on the site.

Click me to check it out!